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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 21, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the death of a dictator. joyous libyans celebrate the bloody end of a brutal ruler. the doctor's defense. conrad murray's defense team likely to begin arguing their case today. and a very close call. a lucky mom and baby survive a run-in with a run-away car. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, october 21st, 2011. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. tomorrow, libya's
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transitional national council will officially declare the country liberated. today, the tyrant who ran libya for 42 years will be buried at an undisclosed location. they waving flags and shooting off fireworks in nearly every city. gadhafi was killed yesterday after he was captured alive by interim government fighters the fighters he once called rats. there is graphic video of his final moments. the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear but it is clear from this video that his captors showed no mercy. dragged from a drainage pipe, gadhafi pleaded for his life. he was shoved and kicked and dragged through the streets. rebel forces say he died when gunfire broke out between gadhafi loyalists and. reporter kitty logan is in the
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libyan capital with more this morning. kitty, what is the mood in tripoli? >> reporter: it's quiet this morning. two reasons. one, it's friday. two, people were out celebrating very late last night and absolutely euphoric mood here. certainly no tears shed over the death of colonel gadhafi. this is the result that the people here wanted. they wanted him gone for good and it didn't matter to them how. this is the purpose of the uprising, the revolution. now the national transitional government feels it can move forward now he is dead and now the fighting is presumably over but yesterday we saw the most incredible scenes here in the city. people so excited and rushing out into the streets and firing into the air in celebration and honking their horns and raising flags. but, today, we are possibly looking at a funeral which is going to be ab interest than scenario because the big question is how do you really have a funeral, somebody this
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high profile and this controversial and keep it secret and keep it discrete? >> all right. kitty logan in tripoli for us today, thank you for that. president obama says gadhafi's death marks a momentous day in the history of libya. >> the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted and with this enormous promise, the people in libya have a great responsibility to build an . tara mergener is in washington with more. >> reporter: the president praised the nato effort and called for a smooth transition to a new government. in the meantime, libyans everywhere are basking in the afterglow. outside the white house, dozens of libyan americans celebrated the death of moammar gadhafi into the night. erupting into chants and waving american and libyan flags, young
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and old alike, marked a turning point in their nation's history. nato will meet this morning to decide when and how to end its military operation in libya. for the past seven months, allied forces have tried to help revolutionaries drive out gadhafi loyalists. president obama called it a momentous day for libyans but acknowledged the country must now build a democracy from scratch. >> there will be difficult days ahead, but the united states, together with the international community, is committed to the libyan people. >> reporter: tomorrow, libya's transitional leaders are expected to formally announce the country's liberation and plans for a democratic election. and president obama says the u.s. will continue to work with libya during the transition. betty? >> all right. tara mergener in washington, thank you, tara. among those, at least somewhat gratified by gadhafi's death were relatives of those
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killed in the bombing of pan am 103. 270 people were killed, mostly americans, when the plane blew up over lockerbie, scotland, in 1988. it's widely proved, though never proven, that gadhafi ordered the bombing. >> all of a sudden, the man behind it all, the one who started it all, moammar gadhafi was killed. vividly we got to see videos and pictures of it. and part of me wishes i didn't have the reaction i did, which is yes! >> i make no apologies for wanting to dance on his grave. i am delighted he did. >> i wish he could die a thousand deaths. >> a libyan agent was convicted of the bombing and later freed in scotland but freed for other reasons. in other news the senate reject a reduced version of president obama's jobs plan. the $35 billion plan was to help state and local governments avoid layoffs of teachers and firefighters and other first
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responders. republicans said it was nothing but a temporary, quote, sugar high, for the economy. the president's full $447 billion plan was rejected last week. americans and two widely distant parts of the country had a rocking thursday. three small earthquakes shook things up. two in berkeley, california. one in south texas. no injuries or damage were reported in any of them. oregon police are holding a man who may have been planning a sniper attack. 27-year-old rafael maroso was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. in his car were a loaded gun, a novel about a sniper attack at a football game. police say searches of his home found more guns, ammunition, and bomb-making instructions. federal agents are investigating. follow-up now on the release of those wild animals in ohio. sheriffs have accounted for lions and tigers and other animals found close to a
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neighbor's home and near i-70. the black bear was shot at a local road. the sheriff says the animal preserve's owner, terry thomp n thompson, killed himself and his body was then mauled. >> mr. thompson did have a bite wound to his head area that the doctor said would be consistent with the bite from a larger type cat or tiger or bengal tiger. >> ohio's governor says he will reinstate an expired executive order outlawing sales and ownership of exotic an just ahead on the "morning news," another chicken little day. a big satellite will soon fall to earth. plus is this the best bathroom in america? you'll be surprised where it is. this is the "cbs morning news." planted the same... s ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪
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or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. check this out. a scary moment in australia. a mother with her baby in a
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stroller was in a store near sydney when a car right there crashed through the front of the ble. the vehicle knocked over the stroller as the horrified mother watched. she then rushed to get her baby who survived unharmed. it turns out the driver went off the road trying to avoid hitting another car. now, look out below, because german space scientists expect pieces of a huge space telescope to fall to earth sometime this weekend. right now, the van-sized research satellite is off the south african coast. nearly two tons of debris could reach the surface after it breaks up in the atmosphere. then apocalypse take two. you may remember harold camping said that would happen may 21st. when it didn't happen, he said his arithmetic was wrong and predicted the apock list would come today, october 21st. just so you know. in case you want to get your finances in or the, the cbs
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"moneywatch" has a startling report on americans income and a quiet day for stocks in asia. >> most asian markets saw losses today but nothing apocalyptic. today, wall street tries to finish the week on a high note. on thursday, stocks finished mixed. the dow finished up 37 points while the nasdaq ticked down 5. the gap between rich and poor in america is widening. payroll shows 57% of workers earned less than 26,364 last year while the number of people who made a million dollars or more rose 18%. the data also showed the number of americans with jobs dropped to just over 150 million. that's down 5 million from 2008. the irs is raising the maximum contribution workers can make to their 401(k) plans without paying taxes up front. the limit will rise by 500 to
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$1,700 next year. the increase is required by law to adjust for inflation. the most recent data shows only % of people with 401(k)s contribute the maximum amount. in parents up in arms over the new barbie dole. the new t doll is covered by tattoos. they are inked on. mattel maker says the doll is marketed toward more adult collectors than children. the next time you're in chicago be sure to hit the windy's field museum of natural history. its restrooms have won the 2011 bathroom competition. check them out. they are pristine and family friendly and are build as what is a unique and memorable experience. betty, i have to go see that myself. >> what does that mean? a memorable bathroom experience? sounds kind of frightening.
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>> it does! dr. conrad mur i didn't's defense may get its chance today in his manslaughter trial for the death of michael jackson. no word yet on whether murray will take the stand. actress lindsay lohan will get another chance not to be late for her first day of community service. the los angeles coroner says lohan was 40 minutes late for an orientation session at the county morgue yesterday. she was turned away, but will be allowed to try again this morning. straight ahead, your the latest in weather and in sports, a ninth inning comeback in game two of the world series.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clear skies over the whole southern half of the country. later today, the midwest and southeast will warm into the 60s and 70s after a chilly morning. lake effect showers will linger over the ohio valley and western
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portions of the northeast. and the southwest stays warm and dry. in sports the world series is all tied up with st. louis leading in the top of the ninth, the rangers elvis andrus blooped a single to right and took second base. when the throw got away, josh hamilton then hit a sacrifice fly to right that tied the game. and the next batter, michael young, hit another one, bringing in the go-ahead run. rangers held on to beat the cardinals 2-1 and even the series at one game apiece. game three is saturday night in texas. nba owners and players walked away from the bargaining table again last night after three days of talks with a federal mediator. the biggest sticking points? how to split revenue and the structure of the salary cap system. the first two weeks of the regular season have already been scrapped and more games are likely to be canceled. it was an ugly scene last night in tucson with a massive bench clearing brawl. check this out.
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players from the ucla and university of arizona traded punches in a fight that ranged 60 yards. arizona won the game 48-12. a failed nfl trade may have saved the life of detroit running back jerome harrison. he was being traded to philadelphia this week, but espn reports a physical exam revealed a brain tumor. the trade was canceled but harrison is getting treatment and doctors say the outlook for his recovery is good. finally, check out the new light system on the superdome in new orleans. ♪ >> that's pretty cool. hundreds of saints fans were on hand for the debut of the new dome lights. the system cost, get this, more than $1.5 million, but it features more than 26,000 led lights. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and startling new
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. stormy conditions over the great lakes will slowly improve as the system heads into canada. after a chilly start, the midwest and southeast will warm up under sunny skies and the southwest will stay warm and dry. here is another look at this morning's top stories. libyans celebrated the death of moammar gadhafi throughout the night. he was caught and killed yesterday and will be buried at an undisclosed location today. and the senate rejected a pared down version of obama's
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bill. good news for cell phone users. a just released study commissioned by the danish government found that cell phone users do not have a higher risk of cancer. the study involved 350,000 people 30 and over who had used cell phones about ten years. as his headlight declined in his final years, steve jobs remained an intensely private person, but he was candid with author walter isaacson whose official jobs biography is out next week. steve kroft spoke with him. >> they do a biopsy and they are very emotional. they say this is good. it's one of these very slow growing 5% of pancreatic cancers that can actually be cured but steve jobs doesn't get operated right away. i tries to treat it with diet. he goes to spiritualists and he goes to various ways of doing it
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macro biotically and he doesn't get an operation. >> reporter: why doesn't he get operated on immediately? >> i asked him that. he said, "i didn't want my body to be open. i didn't want to be violated in that way." he is regretful about it. his wife is a very solid, decent person, understood it but said, no, no, the body is there to serve the spirit, you should get this operated. everybody is telling him quit trying to treat it with these roots and vegetables and things. just get operated on but he does it nine months later. >> reporter: too late? >> well, one assumes it's too late because by the time they operate had him, they notice that it has spread to the tissues around the pancreas. >> reporter: how could such a smart man do such a stupid thing? >> you know, i think he kind of felt that if you ignore something, if you don't want something to exist, you can have magical thinking and it had worked for him in the past. he regret it, you know, some of the decisions he made and
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certainly i think he felt he should have been operated on sooner. >> and steve kroft will have more revelations about steve jobs this sunday on "60 minutes" this morning, on "the early show," holiday bargains on the horizon as retailers try to jump-start sales. i'm betty nguyen. and this is the "cbs morning news." booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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good morning and welcome to 9news now. it was a long hard climb but we made it.
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it's friday. october 21st. i'm andrea roane. >> thank goodnd. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. >> you're working tomorrow. >> just kidding. >> we're all staggering to the finish line. monika will be back with traffic. >> we begin with olga breese and she has our forecast. really starting to feel like fall. >> it really is, we have that nice cool start this morning. some of the breeze from yesterday is still around this morning. grab the jacket stepping out. the current conditions though haven't been too bad. our planner today is chilly to start. make sure you have that extra layer as you get up and starts off this morning. temperatures right now are sitting in the 40s and 50s across much of the area. we're going to still be in the 50s even after sunrise so bundle up. by the noontime hour though we'll slowly pull out. get a little bit closer to the 60-degree mark but only expecting highs around the lower 60s. current temperatures right now, not too bad though but the further you get to the west the colder it is. the higher elevations sitting in the 40s but again most of us are going to be a little bit on
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the chilly side. definitely looking at a pretty good stretch up ahead. cool temperatures today and tomorrow and we'll get to about 62 degrees as we hit the saturday mark but on sunday look for more more sunshine and warming temperatures. thank you so much olga. good morning everybody. i have one bit of information you want to know about later in the morning when metro opens and that is that the red line between fork potton and new york avenue, there will be no buses available but there will be trains. there will be shutting buss in that area on -- shuttle buses in that area on the red line. the outer loop from new hampshire avenue and in fact let's take a look live at colesville road. you may just see the cones being picked up right in this area. this should be picked up a little early for the friday morning rush hour but just remember that, both loops of the beltway north of town. now the next map if you're planning to head south of town, here's what it looks like.
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planning to head on the inner loop of the beltway to 395, there it is. there's an issue that all lanes are blocked trying to get past 395. diverted to edsall road. a live look at edsall road right now. is not affecting traffic. just turn around here and get back on the inner loop. but further north on 395. you're fine to the 14th street bridge. coming up more on area roadways at 4:39. andrea and mike? it's the beginning of a new era in libya after the death of muammar gadhafi. revolutionaries captured and killed the ousted leader thursday in his hometown of sirte. >> as sara mergenner tells us -- >> reporter: outside the white house dunnens of libyan americans celebrated the death of muammar gadhafi into the night. erupting into chants and waving flags, young and old alike marked a turning point in their
4:29 am
nation's history. across the world -- thousands took to the treats in libya as -- streets in libya as fireworks lit up the night sky. this video shows gadhafi's final moments alive. rebel forces captured and shot him thursday as he tried to escape his hometown of sirte. they dragged him from this drainage ditch where he hid following a nato air strike on his convoy. gadhafi is expected to be buried today quickly and in secret. one of his sons was also killed. another one-time heir apparent al islam was reportly wounded is in the hospital. nato will meet this morning to decide when and how to end its military operation in libya. for the past seven months allied forces have tried to help revolutionaries drive out gadhafi loyalists. president obama called it a momentous day for libyans but acknowledged the country must now build a democracy from scratch. >> there will


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